Friday, May 28, 2010

Words To Live By for Summer

We have had a whole month of exciting, kid-filled summer reading promotion. My TMJ is aching from all the talking and singing! These past few days brought hundreds of kindergarten and preschool children to our library for tours and summer reading motivation. It was so great to have Cynthia there to add to the excitement and do the whole dog and pony show----or should I say shark and squid show, along with me. We made a shadow puppet show of the Kevin Sherry book "I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean". Then we sang the baby shark song and ended it by squirting the kids with our squirty sharks. That certainly brought down the house! By the end of the day yesterday, I was so sleep deprived and punchy the puppet show took some unexpected twists......but it was hilarious fun.

 Cynthia is a force of nature. She is astoundingly and remarkably creative. She has boundless energy. She is so much fun. She makes me laugh.....alot. She can sing really well,too. She is so tiny she can almost fit in my pocket, which is especially handy for school visits. She can leap tall buildings in a bound...really.
Sometimes she just seems to pop up out of nowhere. She can make amazing creations out of cardboard. She always wears really fun clothes and jewelry. I am so glad we can finally work together.

I am taking a vacation in a beautiful part of the country where the sun shines most days. When I get back from my vacation it will be the first day of our summer reading program. It is almost time to unleash that flood of summer fun and pandemonium, to register readers, to keep displays full, to keep the prizes ready, to watch months of planning and preparation come to fruition.

Words to live by this summer..............keep your squirty sharks loaded    :  )

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  1. I did the Baby Shark song for my school visits and had a great reaction form the kids..instantly melted any attitudes and even the coolest or most disengaged kid had to laugh or smile. It made sharing the info about summer fun alot easier!