Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teens Are Walking On Water or Jimmy Choo's Got Nothin' On You

The tremendous amount of plastic water bottles that are put in the garbage is a disturbing reality.When we hold teen programs we have a glass dispenser that can be filled with water and then we add fruit or cucumbers for flavor. The kids have glass mugs that can easily be washed. No plastic bottles. When planning summer events, we thought it might be a good idea to call attention to the water bottle problem and offer some inventive solutions. How about shoes made from water bottles?

Duct tape, some pictures of designer sandals as a jumping off point, and loads of imagination, produced some incredible results! I bet there will be a lot of grateful parents when it is time for back to school footwear.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Am Pertinent To Someone!

Big thanks to Marge at Tiny Tips for Library Fun for a Pertinent Post award! It is always nice to be recognized and appreciated, and I say,"Right back atcha', Marge!" I always get great tips from her Tiny Tips blog.

 Marge already named some of my faves in her post, but I can add these:

Happy Stuff  the blog that got me started (and hooked) on blogs and blogging
My Porch  well written reviews that also entertain
Color Me Katie when I need to smile
Library Goddesses  program ideas

I benefit from the connection blogs provide. They are chock full of ideas, inspiration, insights, and ramblings. How marvelous to peek into another persons world and see things from another perspective.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just One More Sticky Situation

Just when my head was spinning with the onset of the summer splash I found out my fall/early winter program schedule is due. Things are really full speed at our library right now. I have had all I can do to keep up with the day care groups, families, and misc. kids at our library, not to mention extra desk time because other staff are on vacation (isn't taking a summer vacation if you work in a library against the law or something?). So, in the midst of all of the summer hubbub, I am wracking my brain to reinvent the wheel yet or two Babygarten times---early,mid morning,what is best? Toddler Time for sure, but should we do a 4&5 story time or all ages---morning, afternoon,both? How many programs are maybe just too much for me to take on, spreading myself too thin, and not presenting a quality program because I am too wiped out? What can I come up with that is cutting edge, amazingly inventive, something totally new? Adult,teen,family, character parties, book release parties, lock ins,storytimes,early out programs.................yowsa!

It occurred to me that the teens had an absolutely wonderful time at the duct tape program we held on Tuesday. Now, all of you who work with teens know this is not an original idea---been there, done that, made the wallet. The fact is, they still love to have the freedom ( and the wide variety of free duct tape) to create, explore, and experiment. They were happy and laughing, playing, working side by side.

I have to remind myself, on a fairly regular basis, that I need to allow myself that same kind of creative freedom. No pressure, just a chance to create,experiment, and explore. Every program I plan does not have to be original, it does not have to be cutting edge, it does not have to wear me to a frazzle, and it can certainly be something I have done before. Kids just want to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere where the librarian who planned the program, is happy and laughing, playing, and working side by side with them.

I think Red Green would agree.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Otter Make a Splash

Today was our summer kickoff program and it was a zoo out there---literally and figuratively! Fantasy Corral came with 20 different, and amazing, animals including...wait for otter! Her name is Blossom and she really does make a splash in her pool swimming clockwise around and around. The red object is her firefighters helmet.

Squeaky Shoes came with her mother and sister. She is doing well and just adored the animals. Her mother even purchased a bunny to take home.Her sister aptly named it "Hope", right there on the spot. Four year olds can be remarkably introspective.

It was so much fun to reunite with all of the families after a storytime hiatus. It is very sweet when the school children come up and ask if I remember them from my school visit. I always give them an emphatic, " YES,of course I do, and I am SO glad you came!"

Summer is off to a splashing start and I am looking forward to all of the summer reading fun. Check back in a few weeks to see if I still feel that way!