Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just One More Sticky Situation

Just when my head was spinning with the onset of the summer splash I found out my fall/early winter program schedule is due. Things are really full speed at our library right now. I have had all I can do to keep up with the day care groups, families, and misc. kids at our library, not to mention extra desk time because other staff are on vacation (isn't taking a summer vacation if you work in a library against the law or something?). So, in the midst of all of the summer hubbub, I am wracking my brain to reinvent the wheel yet or two Babygarten times---early,mid morning,what is best? Toddler Time for sure, but should we do a 4&5 story time or all ages---morning, afternoon,both? How many programs are maybe just too much for me to take on, spreading myself too thin, and not presenting a quality program because I am too wiped out? What can I come up with that is cutting edge, amazingly inventive, something totally new? Adult,teen,family, character parties, book release parties, lock ins,storytimes,early out programs.................yowsa!

It occurred to me that the teens had an absolutely wonderful time at the duct tape program we held on Tuesday. Now, all of you who work with teens know this is not an original idea---been there, done that, made the wallet. The fact is, they still love to have the freedom ( and the wide variety of free duct tape) to create, explore, and experiment. They were happy and laughing, playing, working side by side.

I have to remind myself, on a fairly regular basis, that I need to allow myself that same kind of creative freedom. No pressure, just a chance to create,experiment, and explore. Every program I plan does not have to be original, it does not have to be cutting edge, it does not have to wear me to a frazzle, and it can certainly be something I have done before. Kids just want to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere where the librarian who planned the program, is happy and laughing, playing, and working side by side with them.

I think Red Green would agree.


  1. Ooooo. I don't have to plan fall until August (summer programs end July 31) but my mind is already planning fall....and I thought I did lots of programs! I'm thinking of 1 preschool storytime (because I'm going to do more school/daycare visits), after school craft program for tweens, twice a month lego club, family storytime (need new name for this), and a couple saturday programs. I have a colleague from the school who does 2 toddler storytimes, baby storytime, and evening storytime. What, teens? The teens lose out. I just don't have time! I also work 15-20 hours a week at the desk as the reference librarian and there just isn't time...

  2. Hopefully that will change for the sake of the you and the teens. They really need to have some programs just for them. Maybe a game night/lock-in event after hours once or twice during the year on a Friday? Just a couple of hours can be so much fun for everyone involved.

  3. I just awarded you a Pertinent Post Award cuz you rock!!!!

  4. Well said, Georgia! Keep getting inspiration from teens and duct tape, and remember that playing and laughing is crucial. It's why your programs are so fabulous!