Friday, October 22, 2010

Twas' The Night of The Scarecrows

Last week we had a scarecrow making event for families at 6:30 on Thursday evening. At 6:29 Cynthia and I were looking at each other with puzzled expressions on our faces------------no one had shown up for the event!??? We prepared the pages to ready themselves for massive walking taco consumption. They seemed up for the task.

Then, much to our wondering eyes did appear, 36 people toting scarecrow making gear! Their eyes, how they twinkled, their stomachs were growling, all of the children and adults seemed to be howling, "More scarecrow heads, more tacos, more markers, more stuffing, more cider, more clothes, and more sunshine for lighting."

We heard them exclaim, as they drove out of sight, "This was so much fun!!!! Let's do it again tomorrow night!"