Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs

Summer was a big blast of change along with all of the usual summer frenzy at the library. I certainly breathed a sigh of relief when it was over, as most of us do,when the summer reading program is finally put to bed. Since we have been undergoing gigantic staff changes, including the director(and no, he was not replaced by the kangaroo, although he did get things hopping).

 I tried to make everything as uncomplicated as possible. We were so fortunate to be offered a college student through 4H who did some awesome STEM programs and helped with programs we had already planned.

In an effort to use what we have we brainstormed a GREAT IDEA for signage. Every summer we buy a couple of the big banners and usually one of the big cardboard stand ups. It seems a shame to just roll them up and send them to "the basement" where many things go to a final resting spot.

What were we going to use to promote upcoming events? Skywriting? Probably not in the budget. A new flashing, outdoor, light up sign? Not happening. Soooooooooooooooo......we bought some chalkboard paint and used what we had. Just look at our wonderful signs! And the beauty is, they can be used again and again and again and again...........

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where Did All The Fairies Go? Gnome?

I have been having so much fun noodling with all of the clever and precious ideas for this years summer program theme. The idea of fairies and gnomes was particularly appealing, so I planned a spring program around that theme. It has been a very long, dark, cold, and snowy winter so the idea of the woodland creatures seemed like a much needed bit of whimsy.

We created a list of self guided activities for families and greeted them with their own list to be completed in any order.

1. Mushroom Ring Toss. I covered three stools with red felt with white spots that looked just like mushrooms. We used a set of plastic hoops that we have for purposes just like this. When they finished we had a basket with a necklace with a wooden medallion for each child.

2. Make a Fairy House or a Gnome Home. We covered two long tables with brown paper, decorated with mushrooms, flowers, and moss. There were paper plates, seed cups, sparkles, leaves, twigs, and other decorative elements to add using glue.

4. Cross the Stepping Stone River and tie a ribbon on the Fairy Tree---don't forget to make a wish!

5.Catch the butterflies and when you finish playing, take a butterfly out of the basket.

6. Beanbag Toss. Throw the beanbags into the Gnomes pockets and then take a sticker from the basket.

7. Stop by for refreshments at The Woodland Cafe'.

8. Take home some wonderful books to enjoy.

It was a splendid party and I was so grateful to have the help of my new employee, Davyann. She is a gem!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Homeschool Hole In One

Today was Homeschool Day at our library. We created an indoor mini golf course and played on through. We will be doing this for our next Teen After Hours Party.Tons of fun but make sure ( for your health ,well being, and mental health) you read my note at the end of this post.

We started with four boxes filled with various materials. I had Duplo blocks, foam blocks, discarded books, cups, masking tape,and toy parts. There were two flags in each box that had "hole" numbers on them.

Let's Begin:

Playing through
Such a fun time with friends and families. Very little involved in setup. No cost for materials. Now, this is where I am leaving you with some very sound advice. Maybe you are already wise to this. Perhaps you have more sense than me. Why have I not paid attention to this awfully messy detail in the past? Haven't I ever seen/used this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never, under any circumstances, ever, and I mean ever,ever, ever, ever, ever use STYROFOAM.
Ever.....and I mean it!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold Snap Camping

We set up camp tonight at the library. Campfires were blazing, fish were swimming, stars were twinkling, and the wildlife was something to behold. Families enjoyed some time inside our cozy library, going on a scavenger hunt and having some camping fun with their children. After all of the activities we enjoyed s'mores in our little cafe'. Guess what my theme for storytime will be tomorrow and Friday? I plan to get lots of mileage out of all the work that went into this event.

    The campsite with totally awesome campfire made by our maintenance lady, Elaine. She used a fan, some fabric, and a flashlight, with that wonderful packing paper for stones.

                                         The river with lots of fish to catch and release. I was amazed at how much fun they had doing this very simple game. Paper fish with magnets and dowels with magnets attached to string served as poles. Sand pails were the buckets to put your catch into.

    Then we built campfires with tissue paper and construction paper logs. Add some stones around the fire and voila...campfire.

No camping trip is complete without s'mores  but we only had a pretend campfire, sooooooooooooooo, I put huge marshmallows on a stick and dipped them in melted chocolate, then dipped them in crushed graham crackers.

Then I made some bags for them to take home after we sang camp songs and shared some stories. It was an evening event that really warmed us up during some very cold weather.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

What's Inside This Program?

This program was a smash! I called it "Take It Apart on Tuesday @ Friday" (sometimes the name of our library is fun to play with : ). Based on an idea I heard at WLA from Terry Ehle, I invited kids ages 8-12 to come in and have at it with screwdrivers and various non-working machines. We had an old computer, a broken Guitar Hero guitar, a typewriter, and several other broken things. The kids had so much fun as we talked, looked on in amazement  as typewriter keys flew into the air, and mysteries were uncovered. Providing some eye protection and plenty of adult supervision is a good idea.

Next month we will be building robots with our "spare parts".

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