Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where Did All The Fairies Go? Gnome?

I have been having so much fun noodling with all of the clever and precious ideas for this years summer program theme. The idea of fairies and gnomes was particularly appealing, so I planned a spring program around that theme. It has been a very long, dark, cold, and snowy winter so the idea of the woodland creatures seemed like a much needed bit of whimsy.

We created a list of self guided activities for families and greeted them with their own list to be completed in any order.

1. Mushroom Ring Toss. I covered three stools with red felt with white spots that looked just like mushrooms. We used a set of plastic hoops that we have for purposes just like this. When they finished we had a basket with a necklace with a wooden medallion for each child.

2. Make a Fairy House or a Gnome Home. We covered two long tables with brown paper, decorated with mushrooms, flowers, and moss. There were paper plates, seed cups, sparkles, leaves, twigs, and other decorative elements to add using glue.

4. Cross the Stepping Stone River and tie a ribbon on the Fairy Tree---don't forget to make a wish!

5.Catch the butterflies and when you finish playing, take a butterfly out of the basket.

6. Beanbag Toss. Throw the beanbags into the Gnomes pockets and then take a sticker from the basket.

7. Stop by for refreshments at The Woodland Cafe'.

8. Take home some wonderful books to enjoy.

It was a splendid party and I was so grateful to have the help of my new employee, Davyann. She is a gem!

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  1. LOVELY. Just did a fairy program today. We made fairy houses out of cups and bowls. Normally, we go outside and build a house in the garden, but the weather was against us. Thank you for sharing this.