Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Last night we had a Very Hungry Caterpillar party at our library. Love the book. Adore everything by Eric Carle. Enjoyed the party planning. Had a good time decorating. Delighted in sharing the fun with families. However..........rather than feeling like a caterpillar, I feel more like a snail...... inching slowly to the end of our programming session.

The end of this stretch from January to May can get to be sooooooooooooo long. Cynthia and I will be reinventing our programs and approach to scheduling programs for the fall session. Summer has a life all it's own.

The Caterpillar Cafe' had fruit and some cake that looked like you know who :  )

                                                  Even the tables looked like the caterpillar!

Kids crawled through the fruit and then a tunnel to become butterflies. We gave them a butterfly fan when they crawled out of the tunnel "cocoon".

There was face paint.....

a craft and some games..............

and the story, of course!

After  all the treats were devoured, the stories were told, and the games were played, it was time to go home.........whew! And to all a good night!