Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grand Bedroom Makeover

We had two Grand Prizes for our Tween/Teen Summer Reading Program this year. One was an iPod and the other, a Bedroom Makeover. Last Thursday, the design team gathered (Elaine, Cynthia, Sandy, and moi), filled our vehicles with paint, supplies, and all of the lovely purchases that we had amassed for the project. It was mind-blowing to see what four enthusiastic and creative women could do in a day!

The photos do not show the colors accurately. Sandy donated the gorgeous bedding and valance that became the palette for the room. The walls are a soft lavender, accents are lime green,pink, and a sherbet orange.
Cynthia is a design whiz and planned the shelves, desk, and room layout. She also made the super cute daisy pillows.Elaine knew just how to put up shelves, solve the mechanical issues, and was an extraordinarily good at cut-in paint application.I am now experienced at putting together Ikea products and painting. Contact me through this blog.

Huge thanks and appreciation to all of the design team for the fun and creative energy as well as some very good gingerbread..
Hope I can hire them to come to my house : )

Our winner was really excited and fell tummy down on her bed, grabbing fist fulls of pillows.  Her toes were curled and she actually squealed with delight.


Fairy Lights and Yoga Mat

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bathed in Creativity

Rules of Birdbath Creativity

1.Painting always goes more smoothly if you stick your tongue out while you paint.
2. If you use lollipop wrappers to paper your birdbath someone HAS to eat the lollipops, right?
3. Gathering natural materials, such as acorns, is appropriate and encouraged.
4.Sometimes boys are not inhibited about enjoying the color pink and sparkly things,too, and we like that.
5. Work together to create something unique with a shared vision.
6. Try hard not to step on the paint plates or glue plates.
7. Try hard not to poke your eye while trying to thread your beads, it hurts.

Today we had our last summer program. Each summer we partner with Messes and Masterpieces ( a local arts center for children) to do a cooperative project. Today we made birdbaths that each had a theme. Nature, princess, candy wrapper mosaic, and painted birdbaths were created by a fun team of children along with some adult supervision. It was interesting to see the girls go right for the painting and a young man take on the princess theme with abandon. Everyone appreciated the cooler weather, sunshine, and an afternoon just to be creative.

We used some plastic birdbaths that were purchased and had tubs of materials for each project. Glue guns were available with adults to help.

The  creative works will be displayed at our annual "Corn on the Corner" event that takes place every August. Free corn on the cob, root beer, and some AMAZING birdbaths to view while you eat.

Kinda makes you want to be a bird, doesn't it?

Friday, August 6, 2010


Some days the light just shines through in the form of inspiration. The marvelous ideas seem to flow like a river of creativity. Beautiful, funny, imaginative displays, crafts, and programs bubble up from the brook. Other days, not so much.
Where do you go to prime the pump?
One of my inspirations and wonderful motivators has come in the visage of one Marge Loch-Wouters. She first appeared to me at WLA many years ago as a humorous, talented, and interesting speaker/storyteller. She always has wonderful ideas and shares them generously. She always blogs about informational and timely library topics in a clever way.She always makes me smile. She is fun to laugh with and terrific to talk to.....always. She is willing to share her experience and expertise. She has lots of fun and interesting stories to tell. She is always interested in what you have to say.
She has also been  named Wisconsin Library Association Librarian of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So lift your puppets high in honor of Marge...she is a delightful inspiration!

And how about you? Where do you go for inspiration? Blogs, magazines, books, people?
 I really am interested.