Thursday, January 15, 2015

Yoga Mats and Downward Dogs

We had a new experience today at storytime. The theme was yoga and it was exciting to see the littles come in toting their very own yoga mats. We supplied some mats for those who did not bring their own. My friend Sandra was generous enough to come in and lead our class.

I read a couple of books after we tried some stretches and then Sandra went through some poses with the children.

The class concluded with teddies on tummies so the children could watch their own breathing .

I helped the children make Calming Bottles with glitter glue and water. The caps were then hot glued onto the bottles.

Everyone chose from a variety of yoga books and DVD's  to take home. It was really enjoyable to share this experience at the library with children. The parents seemed to appreciate the calm as well
 :  )

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snow Business Camp-in

Last night we set up camp at the library. Teen Tuesday activities included: pitching a tent, building a campfire, making snow, and putting together some yummy s'mores on a stick. The teens were having so much fun they just stayed for our family camp-in program!

The Snow in Seconds that I purchased on amazon was a huge hit that will be making another appearance this Friday for our Footloose Friday program. It is a powder that grows instantly into fluffy, cold, white snow. The powder expands 100x!!!

There were stories around the campfire........

while munching on S'more pops.

 Don't forget to catch some fish!


The teens had a great time and really enjoyed interacting with the families. Well done teens!


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Overdue at the Library

It has been a long time since my last post. A long time.Really. Long. Time.We have a new director, new clerks, new circ staff, new budget, new policies, new city administration, and lots of other changes. Change can be refreshing and gives one an opportunity to see everything from new perspectives. With the new direction our library is taking, the time for blogging has once again presented itself!

We have been doing A LOT of outreach. Visiting  different sites has been a fun way to tweak our programs and look with fresh eyes at how we might better serve particular needs. One of the new sites we were invited to was the airport! They offered a free movie (Planes2) and wanted us to provide some library-esque activities/entertainment/ kid control. The hanger has a large movie screen, projector, lots of chairs, tables, a popcorn machine, lots of Oriental Trading swag....who knew???


 We made a paper airplane game target using an older municipal map of the city that included the airport. Kids and parents had a great time making airplanes and attempting to have them fly through the cutout circles.

There were books, of course, and there was chalk to draw roads and runways for the wood building and vehicles we brought.

The turnout was smaller than expected, but it was right after Christmas and there was a snowfall. It was a great opportunity to partner with the airport and we are planning another event soon.

Happiest of New Years!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs

Summer was a big blast of change along with all of the usual summer frenzy at the library. I certainly breathed a sigh of relief when it was over, as most of us do,when the summer reading program is finally put to bed. Since we have been undergoing gigantic staff changes, including the director(and no, he was not replaced by the kangaroo, although he did get things hopping).

 I tried to make everything as uncomplicated as possible. We were so fortunate to be offered a college student through 4H who did some awesome STEM programs and helped with programs we had already planned.

In an effort to use what we have we brainstormed a GREAT IDEA for signage. Every summer we buy a couple of the big banners and usually one of the big cardboard stand ups. It seems a shame to just roll them up and send them to "the basement" where many things go to a final resting spot.

What were we going to use to promote upcoming events? Skywriting? Probably not in the budget. A new flashing, outdoor, light up sign? Not happening. Soooooooooooooooo......we bought some chalkboard paint and used what we had. Just look at our wonderful signs! And the beauty is, they can be used again and again and again and again...........

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where Did All The Fairies Go? Gnome?

I have been having so much fun noodling with all of the clever and precious ideas for this years summer program theme. The idea of fairies and gnomes was particularly appealing, so I planned a spring program around that theme. It has been a very long, dark, cold, and snowy winter so the idea of the woodland creatures seemed like a much needed bit of whimsy.

We created a list of self guided activities for families and greeted them with their own list to be completed in any order.

1. Mushroom Ring Toss. I covered three stools with red felt with white spots that looked just like mushrooms. We used a set of plastic hoops that we have for purposes just like this. When they finished we had a basket with a necklace with a wooden medallion for each child.

2. Make a Fairy House or a Gnome Home. We covered two long tables with brown paper, decorated with mushrooms, flowers, and moss. There were paper plates, seed cups, sparkles, leaves, twigs, and other decorative elements to add using glue.

4. Cross the Stepping Stone River and tie a ribbon on the Fairy Tree---don't forget to make a wish!

5.Catch the butterflies and when you finish playing, take a butterfly out of the basket.

6. Beanbag Toss. Throw the beanbags into the Gnomes pockets and then take a sticker from the basket.

7. Stop by for refreshments at The Woodland Cafe'.

8. Take home some wonderful books to enjoy.

It was a splendid party and I was so grateful to have the help of my new employee, Davyann. She is a gem!