Friday, July 24, 2015

Deep Freeze

We are so fortunate to have an awesome intern this summer in our Youth Services Department! Misty has added her talent, experience, enthusiasm, and extensive knowledge of all things Disney, Marvel, and beyond. Turns out that Misty is a member of Daikon Cosplay, a group that models, acts, costumes, and participates in Cosplay events.
She is passionate about this fun part of her life and is thrilled to share her characters with children and adults. The costumes are made by hand and are beautiful. Lots of time and talent, not to mention creativity and expense, go into creating these costumes.

Look who came to the library yesterday!

Anna and Elsa shared stories and photo ops with 155 people and then proceeded to walk around the library and then have lunch (in costume) at DQ. Lots of happy kids!

Fairies will be coming to visit the library in August and Ariel will be coming in September. Character events go over really well at our library and the books that are related fly off the shelves. It is an affordable program that promotes books and has crowd appeal.

to contact Misty and Kissi:

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