Friday, August 6, 2010


Some days the light just shines through in the form of inspiration. The marvelous ideas seem to flow like a river of creativity. Beautiful, funny, imaginative displays, crafts, and programs bubble up from the brook. Other days, not so much.
Where do you go to prime the pump?
One of my inspirations and wonderful motivators has come in the visage of one Marge Loch-Wouters. She first appeared to me at WLA many years ago as a humorous, talented, and interesting speaker/storyteller. She always has wonderful ideas and shares them generously. She always blogs about informational and timely library topics in a clever way.She always makes me smile. She is fun to laugh with and terrific to talk to.....always. She is willing to share her experience and expertise. She has lots of fun and interesting stories to tell. She is always interested in what you have to say.
She has also been  named Wisconsin Library Association Librarian of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So lift your puppets high in honor of Marge...she is a delightful inspiration!

And how about you? Where do you go for inspiration? Blogs, magazines, books, people?
 I really am interested.


  1. I'm inspired by
    *Marge (who isn't?)
    *YOU, Georgia
    *Dozens of other talented and passionate librarians who tell me about the programs, projects, ideas they have
    *Kids, teens, families themselves
    *People outside the library world who are doing grand things
    *I could go on for pages and pages!

  2. Thank you Georgia! And you have returned the inspiration favor a dozen times over for me. I have gotten great ideas from you and am always so glad we connected!