Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grand Bedroom Makeover

We had two Grand Prizes for our Tween/Teen Summer Reading Program this year. One was an iPod and the other, a Bedroom Makeover. Last Thursday, the design team gathered (Elaine, Cynthia, Sandy, and moi), filled our vehicles with paint, supplies, and all of the lovely purchases that we had amassed for the project. It was mind-blowing to see what four enthusiastic and creative women could do in a day!

The photos do not show the colors accurately. Sandy donated the gorgeous bedding and valance that became the palette for the room. The walls are a soft lavender, accents are lime green,pink, and a sherbet orange.
Cynthia is a design whiz and planned the shelves, desk, and room layout. She also made the super cute daisy pillows.Elaine knew just how to put up shelves, solve the mechanical issues, and was an extraordinarily good at cut-in paint application.I am now experienced at putting together Ikea products and painting. Contact me through this blog.

Huge thanks and appreciation to all of the design team for the fun and creative energy as well as some very good gingerbread..
Hope I can hire them to come to my house : )

Our winner was really excited and fell tummy down on her bed, grabbing fist fulls of pillows.  Her toes were curled and she actually squealed with delight.


Fairy Lights and Yoga Mat


  1. I'm color challenged and i really need you guys to come to my house next! Amazing job!!!

  2. I am having great difficulty leaving a comment! Argh! But you guys are amazing..I want you all to work for me ( and decorate the library and my house!!!

  3. Thanks Mary. We DID have a great happy with the results, but it was ALOT of work!