Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Homeschool Hole In One

Today was Homeschool Day at our library. We created an indoor mini golf course and played on through. We will be doing this for our next Teen After Hours Party.Tons of fun but make sure ( for your health ,well being, and mental health) you read my note at the end of this post.

We started with four boxes filled with various materials. I had Duplo blocks, foam blocks, discarded books, cups, masking tape,and toy parts. There were two flags in each box that had "hole" numbers on them.

Let's Begin:

Playing through
Such a fun time with friends and families. Very little involved in setup. No cost for materials. Now, this is where I am leaving you with some very sound advice. Maybe you are already wise to this. Perhaps you have more sense than me. Why have I not paid attention to this awfully messy detail in the past? Haven't I ever seen/used this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never, under any circumstances, ever, and I mean ever,ever, ever, ever, ever use STYROFOAM.
Ever.....and I mean it!


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