Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Otter Make a Splash

Today was our summer kickoff program and it was a zoo out there---literally and figuratively! Fantasy Corral came with 20 different, and amazing, animals including...wait for otter! Her name is Blossom and she really does make a splash in her pool swimming clockwise around and around. The red object is her firefighters helmet.

Squeaky Shoes came with her mother and sister. She is doing well and just adored the animals. Her mother even purchased a bunny to take home.Her sister aptly named it "Hope", right there on the spot. Four year olds can be remarkably introspective.

It was so much fun to reunite with all of the families after a storytime hiatus. It is very sweet when the school children come up and ask if I remember them from my school visit. I always give them an emphatic, " YES,of course I do, and I am SO glad you came!"

Summer is off to a splashing start and I am looking forward to all of the summer reading fun. Check back in a few weeks to see if I still feel that way!

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