Thursday, May 6, 2010

Move Over Fellini

In an effort to save voices and energy, Cynthia and I made a video to use for summer reading program promotion.

We created a set, made a shark choir (we wanted their mouths to be able to move...oh well...where is that animator nephew of mine when I need him? Does he REALLY have to work at Disney when the SRP is at stake?) and then wrote the script. I should probably add that we had a very small budget (nothing) and very few actors to choose from (puppets and staff...or ARE the puppets actually the staff?). We had lots of fun making a short film to show at the schools as part of our presentation. It will hopefully help to save our voices and the waning energy factor that comes from repeating the same thing 25 times in a day.

Turns out movie making is not as easy as it looks, but we sure had a lot of laughs!

Next week Cynthia and I will don our shark hats and head over to the first school of our promo tour. If I can't get the Baby Shark song out of my head right now, I shudder to think what it will be like after all the school visits!
doot ....doot.... doot....Make a Splash at Friday Library doot.....

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