Friday, April 30, 2010

That's Disgusting!

Are these really good---and exactly where did they come from??????

Several years ago, I had an after school program called That's Disgusting! We had a huge turnout and it was fun to plan,too. Why haven't I ever repeated this? Boogers on a stick are yummy and fun to make. Kitty Litter cake is wonderful and looks so awful. Squashed bug on a fly swatter is a really fun craft to make.Well, in honor of Kathleen Baxter and her inspiring booktalks, I am going to have a disgusting revival, since all things gross are so appealing to school age kids.

Books to try for my new "Really Gross Book Club" will include:

Lauber, Patricia,What You Never Knew About Tubs, Toilets, and Showers (Around the House History)S&S,2001
Harper, Charise Mericle, Flush: The Scoop on Poop Throughout the Ages. Little Brown,2007.
Prishmann, Deidre A. Poop-Eaters:Dung Beetles in the Food Chain. Capstone Press,2008.
Neuman, Pearl. Bloodsucking Leeches. Bearport Publishing,2008.
Thomas, Lyn. 100% Pure Fake. Kids Can Press,2009.
Bredeson,Carmen. Hair Shooting Tarantulas and Other Weird Spiders, Enslow elementary,2009

Now get out there and drink some Bathwater Punch!

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