Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is This REALLY in My Job Description?

Today was just like any other day at the library working in the Children's Department. The day began with baby storytime, lovely babies, cute mom's and dad's, giggles and songs.

Then it was on to the store to purchase what we need for tomorrow nights event. We are hosting a Poetry Cafe and want to create a cafe ambiance. We decided to purchase small tables to cover with checked tablecloths and thought we could purchase the tables at store number one...nooooooooo.We thought we could purchase the tables at store number two....nuh uh. Store number three,four, luck. Okay, we can drive to Stillwater while checking iPhone apps and calling stores to see who might carry said tables. Bingo! We found a store, asked them to hold all the small tables, (they had 5) and told them we would be right there. Cynthia, my assistant, pulls her truck up to the store. I leap out of the car, which was still running btw, dive and roll into the store, purchase tables, and we are back on the road to New Richmond, just in time for.......

THE REPTILE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this REALLY in my job description?

Ta Da!

Now..........................................we have to get the tables out of the boxes, set them up (do we have a screwdriver?), and carry them over to the room we are using for the cafe.

Add some pretend candles, that Cynthia (famous for her spectacular parties) brought, and voila----cafe.

Back across the street to the library in time to pay the reptile guy, pause for a picture of a flowering crab on the way,put the tables and chairs back in the Children's Room, write an article, edit the SLP brochure, and there you have it-----------just another day.Whew! After reading this, I think I really am tired. I'm going home now, so I can rest up for whatever tomorrow brings........never a dull moment.

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