Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Keeping It Real

Snot Bubble
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Who knew non-fiction could be so hilarious! Kathleen Baxter presented 145 non-fiction books at a workshop I attended yesterday. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. That woman could convert even the most reluctant reader with her passion, joy, and downright hilariousness. I was ready to booktalk non-fiction to anyone who walked through the library doors this morning and had to be restrained from loading my car trunk with books and heading for the elementary schools.

I am absolutely going to start a Gross and Disgusting Book Club in the fall featuring all of those books that delight elementary school kids and probably some middle school kids,too!


  1. I was there too in the front row, and I could hardly contain myself from laughing!

    Jenny and I have decided after yesterday's workshop that we are going to start some book talks with the kids too. Our first book talk will be on the popular disgusting kids know, vomit, snot, blood, pee,and poop!!!!

  2. Sounds like fun..I wanted to come but had a program :-< What are some good titles for "Gross and Disgusting Book Club"..I think it would be fun to do!!