Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fresh Start

Look up! There is a brand new year coming toward you and it is full of light. A whole year of blank calendar pages (well, almost---I do have my programs scheduled until May) full of possibilites.The beginning of a new year is always exciting for me because I have a fresh start. There have been times when I played the "would of/should of/could of " game to no avail. What is in the past is part of me, there is no need to re-live anything or regret what might have been, I am here because all of those things did happen. I am happy,blessed, and have what I think is the best job in the world. Bringing together children and books could not be any more fufilling. There is immediate gratification and genuine gratitude from library patrons every day. I have the opportunity to watch my library families grow and actually be a part of that family in my small way. Creating memorable experiences in the library is something I dream about every night and work hard at every day.
May this year bring everyone only good things.


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  2. Thank you. Happy new year to you,too. Love your blog!