Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Storytime Breaks

I am on a much needed, and well deserved, break from storytime. We have shared many wonderful weeks since September and I am TIRED. The families are great, performing is fun, but I AM TIRED. We all need a rest between sessions to relax, refresh, and recharge. In the past, I never adhered to that snippet of wisdom passed down to me from much wiser librarians. Breaks help us provide fresh storytimes that bring joy to everyone, including our storytime selves. It also gives one the opportunity to catch up on all the other things (all the "stuff" that was SUPPOSED to be put away but never actually WAS put away), preparing props, stories, and crafts for next session, and finishing my year end projects.

This is also a time for me to create some new props.Kim Faurot taught me about props, their use, making lasting things that can be used over and over, and the general care and feeding of quality props for storytime. Her wisdom and skill is much appreciated. She made me a Pumpkin Mouse House that I will share with you today. The children love it! The original Mouse House and poem are in Kim's book "Books in Bloom".

Do I actually think I can accomplish all this in a month? Yipes!

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