Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We have been having a Family Program one evening each month . February 14th we had a Come Fancy party celebrating all things fancy. Since we have limited space for programs, we have been making tickets and taking pre-registrations. It helps with crowd control........there have been past events where I feared for my life and others, as well. We always have book displays that link to the event and encourage everyone to take home some books.

Last night.....the Cat in the Hat made a guest appearance. It was SO MUCH FUN!

 Cynthia read some Seuss stories while the cat got ready.
We put numbers on children's hands as they arrived so that there was some order to the meet, greet, and picture taking.........worked like a charm!

There was a pool with one fish, two fish, a red fish, and blue fish with magnets and a pole to use.

Then kids bagged up a red fish and a blue fish to take home.

 Parents and children played a Cat in the Hat matching game and made Truffula Trees.

Nobody missed out on dining in the Striped Hat Cafe'.

Everyone could look for 3 gold coins to turn in for a Thing 1 or 2 prize to take home.

Most kids chose our Squishy Fishy bags made with hair gel and leftover from SLP plastic fish.

They all went home tired, happy (okay, okay, there were some screamers!), with dreams of Trufulla Trees and Green Eggs and Ham.

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