Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Program To The MAX

That lovable Rosemary Wells character, Max, stopped by the library for a program last week. Our library does not have a Program Room or a Community Room, so we are relegated to the library proper. It can pose a problem with crowds. There have been times when I feared for my life in a parental crowd push to get to Curious George, or just plain old hot chocolate and cookies!

Our "staging area" (formerly the Storytime Room) was the Bunnycakes Cafe'.

There was Bunnycakes Bowling,

 and a table for puppet making,too.

 Children looked for Bunny Money  and  turned it in for a prize (leftover from SLP). Big hit-------nothing like something you can buy with pretend money! I am taking some along when I go shopping since Nordstroms is very customer friendly : -)

Sooooooooooooo.......we now advertise to register ahead of time and pick up a very special ticket for the event. It is a public library and we are doing the program right in the middle of the Children's Room, so we are not turning anyone away from participating, but it has cut down on overcrowding.
It makes the program seem special and families feel more of a commitment.

 I am positive the Fire Marshall would be pleased.

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