Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Series On A Stick

Do you have plenty of space to shelve the books in your library? If you do, consider yourself VERRRRRY lucky...............if you don't, I may have an idea for freeing up some extra space.

We shelve our picture book "series" books at the beginning of our picture book collection. Having books about the same character shelved together helps children and their parents locate the books easily. We were using some outdated plastic dividers that took up 2-3 books worth of shelf space that we really need soooooooooo.......we discovered a nifty solution.

Plastic shelf  marker paddles from Highsmith are now being used to divide the character books in our picture book collection. We printed pictures of the characters and used Modge Podge to adhere them to the paddles.Then, we attached the paddles to books ends with book tape.

Our character series collection looks tidy and pre-readers are able to see clearly where their favorite books are located.

This idea is working so nicely that today my assistant and I are making paddle dividers for the Juvenile Series books to replace the plastic dividers that take up too much space . We printed out the name of the series for each paddle in the Juvenile Series section.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh......shelf space...........sweeter words were never spoken!


  1. Awesome idea! We just integrated our series into the regular fiction. I was hoping that it would help generate more interest in non-series fiction, which it has, but I think interest in series has died off. This might be the perfect compromise to get kids browsing both.

  2. I love this idea! We just bought a new carousel for the juvie series and i think the paddles would be a great touch! Super ideas as always!

  3. Great idea...looks wonderful and has that fabulous visual literacy component thst lets kids get to the good stuff fast!!

  4. Great idea..I love how it let's non-readers find their favorite characters in books!

  5. Thanks for the positive feedback.I was pleased with the results and hoped it might inspire others to make it work for their own shelving situation.

  6. Great idea
    my library is falling down, full of books
    I'll list your blog to mine
    Wayne from

  7. Thanks Wayne!Glad it is helpful and thank you for linking to my blog.

  8. That's a wonderful idea...I think we will look into that.