Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Last night Santa and his reindeer flew into the library for their yearly visit. He brought Mrs. Claus and a few elves,too. The reindeer stayed outdoors, since I do not enjoy cleaning up after them and they like the cold better, anyway. This is Santa's seventh yearly visit to our library.

We have an outdated library with a very long hallway leading to the Children's Room. Every year the long line to talk to Santa extends down the hallway. There is not enough room in the hallway and here is nothing to do while you wait.

Simple Solution: We created a literacy lineup throughout the Children's Room! Mother Goose rhyme posters, fun facts, riddles, and an I Spy With My Little Eye game made waiting a lot more fun for everyone.

The line moved smoothly and children enjoyed books and puzzles along the way,too.

It took me seven years to think of this?????????????????????


  1. How lucky you are to work in a library - one of my absolute favorite places ever since I was a kid! I was fortunate to work at a library in CA for a couple of years before my daughter was born. Needless to say, weekly visits to the library were very much looked forward to when my kids were growing up. How fabulous that Santa and Mrs. Claus visits yours.

  2. Great idea for many, many reasons! Yayyy!

  3. I feel VERY lucky to work in a library. We love Santa visiting every year. It is a much anticipated annual event.Happy we could add another element to the fun.

  4. Great photos! Great event! love the ideas for making the wait in line more enjoyable too...I'm going to steal ithem! Happy Holidays to you and all my New Richmond Library Pals!