Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three Ring Circus

                     We take the circus seriously in New Richmond.
The police escorted the ringmaster and balloons into the Library..............just to be safe.

Enter the Big Top through stripey curtains into the Children's Room

Let the circus begin!

Walk the tightrope, use an umbrella or a balloon flower to help balance.

Eat a refreshing sno cone,

guess how many,

try your hand at THE CLAW machine,

or make a clown hat with a T.A.B. teen.

Get your face painted,

and then try on your very own red rubber clown nose and have your picture taken!

The most wonderful, the most amazing,the most unbelievable, and the most incredible
entertainment, was Ozseeker the clown!

She makes things out of balloons that are not to be believed. 

who knew about balloon motorcycles?

balloon mermaids......

hats made of balloons that are games....

and lovely flower balloon hats.Ahhhhhhhhh

My T.A.B. kids were such a help

After everyone enjoyed all of the activities it was time to close the circus. It was another wonderful day at the Library.

Did I mention I have the BEST JOB EVER?


1 comment:

  1. How much fun. I can see why you love your job Georgia. Your Library Director is lucky to have such a creative person like you :-)

    Keep up the FUN!