Monday, February 15, 2010

Super Simple Sweet Teen Program

Holding an Un-Valentines Day Party has become an annual event for my T.A.B. group. This year we decided on candy sushi and it was a blast! So simple. Just researched the "recipes", purchased the goods, and when the day came, just laid the table and they went at it.

The perfect recipe for food, fun, creativity, something with sugar, and an opportunity to just let the program unfold. We will certainly do this again, as attendance was much larger than usual for a teen program. Sadly, there were no Twinkies left over for me (which was probably a blessing in disguise).


  1. Wow, looks nummy...and your title of "Un-Valentine" might be a solution for poor Liz Gilbert who took it on the chin down in Salem & Twin Lakes WI library for titling her program "Anti-Valentine". Sigh.

  2. I responded to Liz. That kind of thing is really unfortunate.
    I just love my teens!