Friday, July 13, 2012


There always seems to be at least one kid who is at the library every day.......I mean EVERY day, all summer. At my former library we called them our Library Orphans. They usually live near the library, possibly do not have anyone at home during the day, need some interaction, are looking for a safe haven (that is cool), entertainment, and are always the first to volunteer any help they can give.

Mister J is 10 years old, loves non-fiction (a kid after my heart), and is a tireless volunteer. I have witnessed such joy from that kid this summer and as a result, have felt more joy myself. He is so excited about our upcoming carnival that he can hardly stand still when he talks about it. Yesterday, he was putting together 1000 + bracelets for the carnival and told me that his hands would normally have been too tired to do all that work, but he was enjoying it so much today, he did not want to stop. Then he said it........the words that melted my heart. " I know I am going to be a librarian when I grow up......... but I really want to work right here."

My job makes me so happy.

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  1. I seem to have a different set of library orphans each summer. The ones last year...well, I got pretty close to calling child services on them, but neglect is really, really hard to prove and the kids were happy enough. My library orphans this summer happily do not make me want to cry every time I talk to them. They're a very cute group of brothers and their friends, ranging in age from 8 to 12, who troop over every day to use our computers and their little sisters, who are enamored of our self-checkout and come over several times a day to check out books.