Friday, June 17, 2011

No More Teachers, No More Books???

Last summer, one of the libraries in our system was moving to a new building. It created a real problem for trying to hold their usual summer programs. The teachers in their community decided to take turns doing a weekly storytime for all ages at the library. Children enjoyed seeing their teachers and meeting those who would be their teacher for the upcoming school year. The teachers had a great time talking books with the kids and browsing the collection with them. What a terrific idea!

I shared this idea with one of the teachers in my community and he jumped right on the bandwagon. He organized teachers to come every Thursday all summer. He even publicized the event! Yesterday was the first storytime and it was well attended and lots of fun.

What a wonderful partnership for schools and libraries!


  1. What a great idea and what a phenomenal partnership. You go!

  2. That is a great idea....we might have to try that here at Colfax PL.