Friday, October 9, 2009

What Happens at the Library During the Night.....?

Stuffed Animal Sleepover

The sleepover guests were put to bed by their owners and we sang them a lullaby and kissed them goodnight.

Everything was peaceful…………..until……………………the five little monkeys started jumping on the bed!

You all know what happens when five little monkeys jump on the bed-----that’s right! Someone fell off and bumped their head.

Georgia took care of the bump on the head with a bandage and a lollipop.

The fun continued, the animals settled down, and a few started playing games, including a serious game of chess.

Others did puzzles,looked at DVD's, and then we played with toys and climbed the bridge.

Everyone wanted to surf the internet.

We decided to read a couple of bedtime stories and then Rosetta wanted to draw a picture for everyone.

It was time to settle down before bed, so Georgia suggested roasting some marshmallows and singing some campfire songs.

Then Georgia tucked everyone in (even the monkeys were tired!) and we all said goodnight.

Thank you for a fun evening : )

Check out more pictures on the Friday Memorial Library Facebook page.


  1. Ok, your stuffed animals had more fun than my stuffed animals!!!!

  2. Wellllllllll, we DID roast marshmallows.... : )